July 14th, 2014

granada holmes

thank you for the happy returns

Thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday yesterday, at LJ and Tumblr and FaceBook, along with the few of you (too few!) I made the time with to chat or actually talk (as in old school, exchange of physical voices). I even got a few snail mail cards, more electronic cards, and generally lots of people wishing me well. Which is nice.

I'm still working through it all, and am not sure I'll have the energy to reply to each birthday wish individually, because this isn't the easiest of weeks and because while I'm physically a lot better than I was I'm now facing all the stuff I didn't get to last week on top of feeling like I'm walking through molasses and everything takes entirely too much energy, and... yeah. That sounds like I'm complaining about too many things to reply to, as if that was a bad thing. It's an embarrassment of riches, actually. But I know me and know I could feel a lot of pressure to reply to them all. So I'll reply as much as I can, but if I forget, do know that I saw it and appreciated it genuinely.

The big event was that I had some friends come over and we watched a British comedy mini-series, "Clone," with Mark Gatiss and Jonathan Pryce and also, in a bit part, the actor who plays Anderon on "Sherlock." The premise is a government scientist tries to clone a super-soldier, but the process doesn't work, and the doctor who created him tries to hide him away from the government so he can "fix" him and save his reputation. Pryce is the scientist, Gatiss the government agent who wants to kill and autopsy the clone to find out what went wrong. It's violent and bloody in an "Inglorious Basterds" kind of way but also really, really funny. And Mark was great. (I... may be obsessing a little bit over him, and don't think it's all because I love Mycroft Holmes. He's just great fun to watch.) We watched all six episodes in a single sitting. Also there was cake and wine and just hanging out until about two in the morning.

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Right, that brain working at molasses pace is making itself felt. This post has taken over an hour of getting distracted and coming back, and now my brain is threatening to crawl out of my ear. So I'm going to say good-night. :-)