June 30th, 2014

granada holmes

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In the best Cabin Pressure tradition, I'd like to declare myself a rabbit of negative euphoria (not a happy bunny). *grumbles*

The computer was apparently sent back to me after the repair work was done but with only the street address and not the apartment number. All the emails I've received with them had the correct address, but for some reason the address they actually returned the package to didn't. What makes this a situation truly worthy of negative euphoria in my opinion is that someone (in theory) made several attempts to deliver the PC, got here to see there was no apartment number but didn't look up my name on the buzzer labels or even phone me at the number I provided - and then returned the package to the company doing the repair where it sat in their warehouse for three days without someone contacting me. Automation does not a euphoric rabbit make, apparently.

This would not be such a huge thing, but I missed seeing Winter Soldier in the theaters and so had bought a bootleg DVD on the subway. I know, I know... I fully plan on buying digital access when the actual DVD comes out, Team Marvel will get their pound of flesh out of me. Which means I could watch the movie I've been wanting to see if I was in possession of a computer with a working sound card. (Reason #2 why this laptop is my backup.) It's not like I lack for entertainments because anything on Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, etc. - anything I can get over the internet - I can watch on my Kindle. Still, I was really looking forward to that and just generally want Mormegil back. (Yes, A., my laptop is named after your OC. Make of that what you will. :^D)

But HP was actually apologetic and responsive this time, remarkably so. Knowing them, I'll probably end up getting a gift code out of the deal (they didn't mention it but the few times in the past there have been problems, they usually have given me a $25-$50 credit on anything purchasable through their site), which means I can finally justify getting new toner for the printer and not having to run to the library to print things off.

Right, enough grousing. I'm going to try to make some progress on Le Story. Actually a new Le Story, as the ASIP piece is apparently wrapped up in mixed feelings about the store of much unpleasantness so my brain isn't wanting to go there. That's okay. The draft's about two-thirds finished and I'll pick it up again when I'm ready. In the meantime, I read a news piece last night about Jeremy Bentham on sexual liberty which got my synapses firing in a new (Holmescestian) direction and I pounded out 800 or so words that I'm actually happy with last night that might work as the beginning of a possible come-at-once story or may be something nice on its own. I'm going to work on that some more, and then when the sun sets and it cools off, I'm going to head over to the zoo and do some people-watching. And then gelato if I get back before the shop closes, and quite possibly some listening to radio drama. I'm thinking the old BBC radio dramatization of Lord of the Rings, or possibly relistening to the Swordpoint audio book. No job searches, and no more grumbling over corporate incompetence.

ETA: One of the things I was considering listening to later tonight was the old Rathbone radio adaptations of Sherlock Holmes stories, before I decided I could use a bit of variety on that front. (They're on Spotify so can be streamed through the Kindle.) Imagine my surprise at seeing one of the stories is "The Eyes of Mr. Leyton." I'm sure my male relatives like their anatomy precisely where it is.