June 24th, 2014

granada holmes

Sherlock Fic Rec: Attired with Stars by DonnesCafe

It's been a hard day, which I may get into later. Meaning I don't have it in me to write out just why this fic meant so much to me, but it did, and I wanted to point people to it. It's Sherlock's return the way it should have happened. Also taking Sherlock's psychological wounds seriously, achingly beautiful and slow friends-turning-to-lovers of the Johnlock variety, Sussex, and a kindler gentler Mycroft (who still seems believable to me) that scratched a fannish itch I didn't quite know I had.

Which is really just the start of all I want to say about this story. But hopefully it's enough.

Attired with Stars, by DonnesCafe (AO3)
4,867 Words; Teen
Summary: A different take on Sherlock and John's reunion post-Reichenbach, not compliant with Season 3. Angst, love, bees, the cottage in Sussex. Warning: minor character deaths and references to torture, not explicit and both past.