June 19th, 2014

granada holmes


Today was a fairly nice day. The two stories I'm currently making progress on are both open on my computer, though not a word was written today. No resumes were sent off. I didn't even get around to the *eep* bit of feedback I promised another Sherlockian yesterday and then completely forgot I needed to look at. Tomorrow, you, I really 100% promise on the off-chance you're reading this.

I did, however, have a lovely day of fannish consumption. By which I mean reading and watching, not the illness with the blood-spotted handkerchiefs. I read the first three chapters of Study in Scarlet to (hopefully!) get ready to discuss it over at sherlock60, and went absolutely 100% fangirly over Watson's observations of Holmes in the second chapter, after they've just moved into Baker Street (here @ Tumblr). I read some of the holmestice fics, which I thoroughly enjoyed even when they broke my heart; specifically:

1. Well Met by Midnight, Lestrade/Mycroft (guh! such atmosphere)
2. By the Rivers of Babylon, John/Sherlock (guh! such beautiful writing)
3. The Scientific Method of Biological Clocks, John/Sherlock (good God, who gave parentlock permission to be this deep?)
4. Cygnet, Mycroft + Sherlock (guh! such heartbreak)
5. Finally, Lestrade/Mycroft (guh! such... well, guh. Erotica with a touch of humor, beautifully done)
6. Dim Sum, John/Sherlock (guh! so visceral, so funny and hot and alive and I can't even begin to do it justice at this hour, but... yeah, just guh. Though not for quite the same reasons as the last one.)

At which point I probably began to sound like that Doge meme. Really, though, I am really enjoying reading the contributions to this meme and basically spent the day losing myself in it. I also learned how to keep Netflix from automatically advancing to the next episode, but only after watching from "Father's Day" through Chris Eccleston's regenration on "Doctor Who." ("Just this once..."; also, how did I miss the quiet depth of "Boom Town" the first several times I saw it? Wonderful.) To my credit, I did manage a shower at some point, but as I just crawled back into my pyjamas and read more fic, I'm not entirely sure that earns me much growed-up credit.

Tomorrow (by which I mean today) I will do the responsible thing again. By which I mean I'll brave the job boards or at least actually work at the fic. But today (by which I mean yesterday) was really very much needed and went quite well. As was the aloe vera for sunburn - for someone with a Mediterranean complexion, I do the lobster impression entirely too easily, and there's a reason I didn't want to put back on scratchy clothing and undergarments in addition to sheer laziness.

Under the cut, two pics from Manhattan yesterday: an entertainingly-named beer hall in midtown I chanced upon while developing said sunburn, and a shot of Manhattan across the bay as I was riding the school van into Manhattan:

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