June 17th, 2014


(no subject)

Today, I went into Manhattan eArly. I'm actually not precisely sure why. I had to print out and submit some forms for a student's grade change from last semester and it seemed easier to do that in person rather than finding a printer and mailing it in. My access card was deactivated though so I couldn't go in. They sent me to another building several blocks away to alumni services but when I got there they said I'm not technically an alum. At which point I decided to forget it. I'll find a printer and buy a stamp.

The real issue was first ding a place to waste five hours before counseling. Public libraries aren't what they used to be because the city has very few homeless shelters that let you hang out during the day, I think on the theory you get out and get a job then. The problem is they have to go somewhere else, and those somewhere else's often make themselves less hospitable to people trying to spend long periods there. So they limit everything - internet, use of charging times, even bathroom visits. The computers aren't actual computers but kiosks that restrict what you can do which makes sense in its way. At least that's the clearest explanation I can get across on my Kindle. Slow typing messes with my head. ;-)

Which leaves me feeling a bit... dispossessed, I guess. Like I don't belong and am not wanted anywhere just now. Also it's been a day of too much noise and light, so being out in the open is making me skittish. If I had a real computer so I could plug in my "fortress of solitude" headphones and listen to some Miles Davis I'd be better. Or better yet if I could work on my story. Not sure why I thought it was worth making a day of this, but I can't go home until tonight and it's more than a bit not-good.

I'll manage of course. This weather (85 F) isn't helping. I'm just feeling worn out and like I need a hidey-hole.