June 5th, 2014

granada holmes

email change + beta offer

Hello, all.

A quick note that I'm changing my email address from mlaytonATfordhamDOTedu back to an old gmail address, melaytonATgmailDOTcom. This is part personal (closure and all that) but also part technical - I've gotten conflicting answers to whether this address will be purged by my university. Since I wasn't awarded a degree I'm not officially an alumna, which puts me in a bit of no-man's land where all kinds of policies are concerned. So rather than be caught by an unexpected deleted email address I'm shifting back to the old address. Please update your contacts, cuneiform tablets, or whatever in between you use to keep track of such things. :-)

Also, I'm trying to get back into the beta biz. I've got a good amount of experience betaing in the Tolkien fandom and one or two editing jobs in the BBC Sherlock fandom, to say nothing of five years editing student papers, so if you want anything from provisional conversations, brainstorming and research help all the way through editing a finished story draft, I'd love to try my hand. I'm open to working on pretty much anything 221B-related except Elementary (just haven't seen enough of it), anything Tolkien, or anything else you've seen me discussing and think I could be helpful on. I'm American, not British, so sadly can't help with Brit-picking.

Gosh, but this sounds formal! Not my intent. But it's too late to try to put it any other way, I'm afraid!