June 4th, 2014

granada holmes

oh woe is me

I'm having one of those "the universe must hate me" wibbles I get every now and then, usually over something relatively minor.

In this case it's definitely minor. I'd bought some two-liters of soda from a bodega I don't usually use because I was walking home a different direction, and they were both expired by several months (so seriously flat and unpleasant to drink). For the purchase price it's too much trouble to lug heavy drinks back to an out-of-my-way store and try to get them to refund opened bottles without a receipt.

On discovering this, I stuck a 20-oz. bottle I had bought in Manhattan yesterday but never got around to opening in the fridge so it would be cool this morning, and woke up to find it gone. A. must have taken it, and I'm 99% sure it was an accident as she sometimes drinks that kind f soda as well and I usually don't have the smaller bottles around. But it means that when I went to get a soda there was none to be had, and it has me seriously ticked off. Not just because of the lack of soda but because it feels like everything that could go wrong *has* gone wrong today, and... yeah. It's a very, very little thing in the grand scheme, but it still has me pissed off.

It's not entirely surprising I'd be a bit overwhelmed by stuff just now. My grandfather's back in the hospital after "stroke-like" symptoms and I'm not exactly happy by (a) how unworried I am over his health and (b) how frustrated I am over the way other family members are worried over him and getting the support I would have very much liked in the past. So I think I was hovering just around the bend for one-more-thing-will-be-entirely-too-much land. Still, it's frustrating, not just the initial frustration and the fact now I'll have to eat lunch out rather than dig up something around here before heading over to the library for volunteering, but also the fact that I'm frustrated over being frustrated. Meta-frustration. Leave it to me to think that one through. :-)

In more positive news, I've started working on a follow-up fic to the Holmestice piece and it's (a) coming together quite naturally and (b) giving me an excuse to reread some real-world philosophy I want to bring into it as well as rewatch some old Sherlock episodes. Which is really quite nice on many levels. I don't think Belgravia will ever fail to make me laugh.
granada holmes

in the name of Mahal, Elbereth Gilthoniel, and all else that is holy: NOPE.

(ETA: Lin found a piece at TORN that pretty thoroughly rebukes this. See our exchange in the comments for more.)

There's a report making its way around the interwebs today with lots of spoilers for the third Hobbit movie. One version is available here:


To which I can only say:

1. Please tell me that Ecumenical News is some sort of a parody site, or copying this from the same.

2. Please tell me Peter Jackson isn't going to burn my favorite characters once again. I mean, it took me the better part of a decade to get over Denethor.</li>

3. Please tell me he isn't this stupid. I mean, is Fran okay? I'd expect her at least to keep her better half from this nonsense, she always seemed to know the books.

Without going into the spoilers specifically, if the changes described here are accurate, the fact that PJ can even contemplate them shows a frankly stunning disregard for what JRRT was trying to do in those final chapters. If these spoilers turn out to be true, I suspect this movie will have as much to do with the final third of The Hobbit as the Bakshi Brothers' "adaptation" did with The Lord of the Rings. I was planning on seeing it because I'm a Tolkien fangirl and that just seemed like what we did, and also because Ian McKellen and Martin Freeman have been consistently excellent and this version of Smaug has quite literally taken my breath away. But if this is the direction they're going, I must say my drive to see it has pretty much evaporated.