May 29th, 2014

granada holmes

New Sherlock Holmes (Doyle) Fanfic: Dark Have Been My Dreams

I finally got around to putting a last coat of spit-polish on the pinch-hit fic I wrote for the acd_holmesfest exchange:

Title: Dark Have Been My Dreams (Read @ AO3)
Rating: PG for canon-level violence;
Characters: Holmes/Watson, with a heavy focus on Watson
Warnings: canon-consistent violence and angst, suggestions of m/m romance but nothing at all explicit
Betas: spacemutineer + tweedisgood
Word Count: 2,466 + Notes

This one is actually a little difficult to survive. As I said over at Tumblr, there's certainly magical realism, one of the elements I was asked to include by the recipient, and this is my first story where I've worked with that genre (which was a lot of fun!), but I think the real story for me was in the way Holmes's and Watson's relationship, and indeed Watson's priorities and character (this really is his story), changed over time. While I've labeled it as Holmes/Watson slash, I think it would also be enjoyable for people who prefer to imagine a lifelong, platonic friendship. And while it's obviously set in the Doyleverse, I think the character dynamic between Holmes and Watson will be one that's all too familiar for people who have fallen in love with these two fools, no matter what adaptation gave us our introduction to their stoy.

I do hope you all enjoy it if it sounds like your cup of Early Grey!