May 23rd, 2014


in honor of Dioscurean Twins' birthday: BBC Sherlock fan art, by Shoot Bad Cabbies

A few days ago, I commissioned my very first Sherlock fanart from Shoot Bad Cabbies, asking for "Sherlock torturing Mycroft or just generally being an annoying dweeb with him."

I can't pretend I requested this pic for Dioscurean Twins specifically. The brotherly dynamic between the two of them is one of my favorite parts of the show, and SBC does such wonderful kidlock - it seemed a natural prompt. But when I received the finished piece just as LJ was telling me dioscureantwins's birthday was approaching, I decided to hold back on sharing it for a few days. If there's anyone who's sold me on Mycroft as a character and the sheer brilliance of the relationship between these two geniuses, it's her. I thought she might like this picture so I thought I'd set it aside and save it for her.

Happy birthday, Dioscurean Twins. I hope it's full of dark chocolate, fine tailoring, Mycroft's company, when Sherlock hasn't pushed his good temper past all reasonable endurance, and all else that is good in this world. Also, fan art. Here you go.

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