May 22nd, 2014

granada holmes

Eowyn's funeral-dirge for Theodred

The end of an era at Fordham has me a bit melancholy and thinking about the past. Which in turn has me thinking about my own history and a rather intense connection I've always felt with Theodred and the Rohirrim. Some of you may see the connection, but even if you don't get the specifics, I find the poignant expression that sorrow and regret is given here to be really quite beautiful and deep. This is one of the simplest, most moving moments in the Lord of the Rings movies, at least to me:

(Full lyrics + translation)

There's just such a noble weariness to it all, and a simplicity to it - not the grand ending or the high moment of the plot, just a perseverance that ends in simple silence. It's beautiful, for all it's tragically sad. Thought I'd share it.
granada holmes


Today was a tolerable day, actually verging on good.

I was up late last night working on the Holmestice fanfic. Somehow I ended up with fewer words than before errands, but they're much better words, I think. I've also found a beta though I may still need a Brit-checker, and I was describing the set-up to her and was quite impressed by how well I'd worked out what was going on there, or what I hope to have going on by the end of it - what the conflict is, what the various characters' motivations are, etc. So I had a bit of a late start today.

On top of which, I received a drawing I'd commissioned from Shoot Bad Cabbies and I love it. A certain someone in the Sherlock fandom has a birthday coming up in the next few days, and as it happens to involve some of her favorite characters, I've decided to save it as a special treat. I'll be sharing it here on Saturday.

I've also finally decided to to and see the new X-Men movie. It's a Thursday, which means cheap(ish) tickets, I'm worn out but not bone-tired, I'm in Manhattan within walking distance of the old-timey cinema - red velvet, mosaic art on the wall, poofy chairs in a proper lobby.

In RL, I went to a third interview for the AmeriCorps position. I felt a little off because I was up later than usual. But I broke in my new shoes (basically, but not quite, like this; I also bought a pair of black velcro trainers). It was cool enough that I was able to wear a favorite lightweight sweater, and I got there early enough to read some of my fanfic on my cell phone in a public courtyard. I also bought honey from the farmers' market before, and a chrysanthemum to put through a buttonhole just because I wanted the smell of it after from the same market. The interview itself went reasonably well, I thought, and I left it feeling good. I was a little slow because of the sleep thing, but not horribly and I stayed a bit cheerful throughout. I think she liked me reasonably well. Only time will tell, of course.

Now I'm off to do more work on Holmestice, and then go to X-Men in a few hours. :-)