May 21st, 2014

granada holmes

many happy returns to Aliana + Mrowe; + miscellany

Apparently when you spend a lot of time away from LJ, the earth continues its path around the sun, sometimes passing the year anniversary marking specific peoples' entrance into the space-time matrix. This is my unnecessarily geeky way of saying: many happy returns to aliana1 and mrowe, who celebrated their special day in the last week or so.

Also apparently: complaints over new layouts aren't limited to FaceBook. There's a lesson here for techno-types, I think: if you're considering a revamp, keep in mind that your users will be much, much less enthralled by the back-end goodies and even added functionality than you are, and more frustrated by the change. Doubly so if you don't give them fair warning. This isn't such a big problem for me as you might think since *all* sites look off to me. I have a touch of colorblindness and had a very hard time telling Firefox's visited link color from the unvisited ones, so I went in and worked out how to make visited links fire-enging red. Which makes my life much easier, but for some reason it overrides some of the default layouts of a lot of websites. Meaning things look blockier for me than they're supposed to. Often more functional. In this case, the old LJ looks more or less like the new LJ, so I really have no clue what's problematic and what's not. But redesigns are always stressful, particularly when not sufficiently announced.

Also apparently #2: I'm putting the finishing touches on a Sherlock fic for Holmestice this week. Is there anyone out there who (a) is interested in helping me beta it, (b) has time to do a fairly quick (within 2-3 days) read-through of a fic that's shaping up to be about 5k words, and (c) doesn't mind reading slash? I don't want to say more in public - if this seems like something you'd be interested in helping on, please drop me an email at mlaytonATfordhamDOTedu. Ideally I'd love someone familiar with British English enough to spot Americanisms.
granada holmes

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IBeing an adult is apparently realizing that if you don't go out to the shops within the next twenty minutes you won't have shoes fit to interview in tomorrow, and if you don't go out at all to the Laundromat you won't have clean underwear. Meaning that even if you REALLY don't want to, it's still obligatory.

Being a fanfic writer is having that scene finally come together making this a close call....