April 29th, 2014

granada holmes

O frabjous day! Calloo! Callay!

Tuesdays are supposed to be Manhattan days, when I go down to Washington Square, play a few rounds of chess, have lunch or dinner out (lately, at a cafe/diner/thing that has basic dishes but with some of the best fresh ingredients I've found in the city), and --the point of the whole exercise-- my weekly hour on the couch. Said head-doctor had to cancel for personal reasons. To her credit, this was a real fluke. I'd just hopped in a cab to get to the bus because I was running late and it was rainy, which meant I had to pay a fare anyway, but it did save me considerable money not to have to go in.

Perhaps more importantly it gave me time. I'm behind on grading, need to find a window to get some resumes sent out, and am finally finding my footing on a Doyle story I'm working on, a pinch-hit for a fic exchange as well as one of the Bilbo stories I mentioned a while back. Oh, and a fic I'm betaing just came in as well. :) Those last three are by far the more interesting of the two, but I can only work on them in good conscience once I've made at least some progress on the boring, being-an-adult stuff at the beginning of that sentence.

As a side-note, how is it that I'm turning thirty-three in ten weeks? Because I am so not ready to come into my inheritance and leave my tween years behind.

Perhaps the biggest good part of this, though (boys, avert your eyes) is I get to take off my bra. Granted, that's the best part of many days for many women, but in my case I singed the skin around the back of my neck and shoulders. I live on the fifth floor of an old brownstone, which means among other joys the water temperature can be a bit inconsistent. Usually this throws off the water pressure as well and I know to step out from under it for a few seconds, but today it caught me. I hesitate to say burned because it's not like I felt the need to put anything on it. But I'd be lying if I said getting that strip of cloth from rubbing against rather over-sensitive skin wasn't the high point of today to date.

Now, shall I be productive and responsible, or will I tootle around? John or James, indeed.