April 25th, 2014


Fannish Poem Recs (Tolkienverse)

The Darkest Lord, by rhymer23

My plot to dominate the world initially was glorious,
But then Men came from Númenor, unstoppably victorious,
And so I bowed my head to them and feigned to be surrendering,
And went in chains to Númenor… of course I was pretend-ering!

(And oh goodness, the header is in verse. And the notes. *chuckles again*)

Sauron applies for his job, by hhimring

‘I’m able
and I’m capable.
My filing is impeccable.
I’m utterly dependable,
my loyalty unshakeable.’
‘Admirable, commendable’, muttered Morgoth politely and yawned discreetly into his smoking black palm.


Right, so two of my favorite Tolkien fanfic authors wrote poems for the latest lotr_community challenge, and they are a joyous comedic thing to behold. Sauron singing verse worthy of G+S, and in one case all-out filk. Reminded me, for some weird reason, of that comedic masterpiece where Denethor deals with the boys' pets. These are well-worth a read on their own merits.

Full disclosure: these are the only two submissions I've read so far for the current GFIC challenge. For all I know they're all utterly brilliant. Head over to lotr_community to check out the haul.

I've been podficced (*grasps at chest dramatically*)

I can't believe I never got around to mentioning it here, but jelazakazone made a podfic out of one of my Sherlock stories. That's my failing, not a comment on the work. I was both honored that she wanted to do that for something I wrote and, quite apart from that, really thought she did a good job with it.

If you're not familiar with the original story, it's a meet-up between Anthea and Mummy Holmes after the Fall. One part comedy of errors, one part cloak-and-dagger, one part my attempt to finally write something that would pass the Bechdel test. I'm not entirely sure I managed that last point, as the whole conversation is by necessity oriented around Sherlock, but I hope I gave both women an existence and character independent of their respective Holmes brother.

Anyway, my sincere thanks to Jela. Read her adaptation here.