April 15th, 2014

reader vs writer

ask me for fannish opinions

I'm on Easter Break and facing quite a lot of grading to plow through, and also job search related stuff. I could use some fun on top of that, but the kind of fun that can be done fairly quickly rather than be all-consuming (so now is not the time for fic-writing). What I'd like to do is what's sometimes called meta in the BBC Sherlock fandom, though I don't want to limit it to Sherlock.

Basically, I'd like you to ask me for my opinion on specific things. It can be theories about future series (for BBC Sherlock), opinions on the way certain things are handled in canon (do I agree/disagree/like/dislike/whatever the way Rowlings/Tolkien/Doyle/etc. handled _________) or anything at all that gives me a specific thing to discuss about how I relate to the books and TV shows I discuss around here. The more specific the better. I'm also happy to let my inner scholar out to play. I've read most of what Tolkien wrote, read The Hunger Games multiple times and am currently rereading Doyle. So if you've got a canon question you'd like me to try my hand at feel free to ask that as well.

If you'd like my opinion or just want me to talk a bit about something specific re: Tolkien, Sherlock, or anything else, leave me a comment. You'd be doing me a favor, because this week I'm sure I will need the distraction.