April 7th, 2014


calling all Sherlockians

holmestice is now open for sign-ups. It looks like great fun, and is open to people who prefer their consulting detectives in the Victorian era or the modern Baker Street - Doyle originals and all adaptations are welcome. You can sign up now through April 20th, and the fan-work is due by May 25.

If you're interested, you can find my own sign-up here. It's an interesting glimpse into the kind of story I find most interesting, which some fo you might enjoy.

ACD-Holmesfest Fic + Art: So It Begins...

Last night I mentioned that the latest round of holmestice was open for sign-ups. Today, its sister community acd_holmesfest started releasing the submissions. A bit confusing, I know; this comm is for Doyle-based fic exclusively, though, whereas the other is open to Doyle + all adaptations, including the elephant in the room that is the BBC show. Both seem to be fun groups of talented authors and artists.

In any event, do consider following acd_holmesfest if you like Sherlock Holmes, because having read some of the old submissions from previous events, there's likely to be some really good work worth checking out. Including one by yours truly, though I'll play by the rules and not claim it publicly until the proper time.

In other news, I finally have definite nuzgul for a new BBC Sherlock fic. Someone over at Tumblr asked for how Molly and Sherlock first got to know each other, and I'm imagining something quite nice about paradigm-upsetting bromances and the value of scarves. Let's see if the muses cooperate. And speaking of Tumblr, weekly roundup to come, I hope, this afternoon.