April 1st, 2014



Today was really quite lovely. It warmed up enough not to need a jacket for the first time this spring, and I liked feeling freed up and identifiably like a woman.

My shrink branched out on her own from the clinic where I'd been seeing her and now has her own office in Washington Square. So I went down to explore the neighborhood. I found a hole in the wall secondhand music store and picked up a Miles Davis album I didn't own. As in an actual record; I'm old-fashioned enough that I must prefer listening to live recordings, and I have a stereo system that I'm invested entirely too much $$$ for the use it gets, but that actually sounds nice. I like old music and I particularly like live recordings with all the imperfections that make it feel real. Live music is nice for the convenience and the way subscription services basically give me an unlimited library at the touch of a button. Still, I feel the same way about actual original recordings the way some people do about first-print antique books. And this was quite a find.

I also had lunch at a diner and read probably seven or eight chapters of "Nature and Nurture." It's finally crossed properly into Johnlock category but twenty chapters in it feels natural and just beautiful. Know that's not everyone's thing, but it makes me happy, and these days that's no small thing. Then there was counseling where we talked about music since it was on my mind, my own history as a musician and what it meant to me and what I got out of listening to it. i actually left the second half of a sandwich in the office by mistake, which was a shame, it turned out much better than I expected based on first impressions (carved turkey + cheddar + bacon + BBQ sauce on foccacia bread and some fries that looked visually like McDonald's fries but had the fluffiness of British pub chips, which is rare in America. I know there's nothing to be done about it, but it's a bit sad, really.

Rounded out the day by finding a chess park off Washington Square. Do they have these in london? I'm tempted to write young Sherlock discovering his first one on a London trip with his father in his early teens. Anyway, I sat down to a game reluctantly, as I haven't played in years but the guy I was playing against I think went easy on me the first time and I was able to at least run out the clock (so a draw). At which point I was trounced three separate times in under seven minutes each. If you're interested I found a video that shows the park I was in online:

And now I'm feeling a bit worn out. More than a bit, actually. Too muh sun zapped my energy. Still, as days go, today was actually kind of nice.

Btw, I'm caught up on fanfic projects and would like a new prompt or two. So if you're reading this and want to give me something to work with I'm happy to consider it. Ideally I'd love to work with something Sherlock, either the original Doyle stories or the BBC series or the Guy Ritchie movies. But if that's not your thing feel free to prompt away.