March 28th, 2014


beta needed for Doyle-verse fanfic

I'm looking for someone to read over a "Sherlock Holmes" story I've written. Doyle verse (and style, incidentally), not BBC, though there are some references to ideas the BBC series makes explicit. It's also non-slash, Holmes and Watson friendship. My biggest concern is the time period. I've researched it as thoroughly as I can, but it's hard to know if it feels convincing to the time period, and I'd love a second pair of eyes to look over it for that. I also wouldn't mind a canon checker. I've taken some ideas from the BBC series but have worked very hard to only do that when the Doyle-verse is silent on that point and where it feels like it fits. So if there's someone who's particularly well-read in the original stories who has the time, I'd appreciate your help particularly. If you're British or trained in UK-style English that would be an added bonus, but isn't the most important thing I'm concerned about. Knowledge of French and/or ballet wouldn't be a bad thing, though that's even less important than the British English.

Length: I'm still writing the final scene so I can't give a precise figure. I'd be extremely surprised if it goes over 5,000 and may be a good bit shorter. I hope to send it out by tomorrow early afternoon (US East Coast Time).

Timing: Here's the trickiest part. If at all possible I'd like to get this sent off to a challenge by Sunday night. I'm fully aware that's a tight timeframe, so if you think you can help but need a few days more let me know. But if possible I'd love someone who can get me feedback by around noon Sunday (US East Coast Time).

Please do let me know if you can help. Would really appreciate it.