March 14th, 2014


(no subject)

I do believe I'm officially pissed off. The friend I'm currently eating dinner with mentioned that Franklin Graham praised Putin as getting the LGBT issue right more than Obama because he was taking a stand to protect his country's children from gay propaganda.

And... Yeah. This is FG who's spent so much breath talking about the problem of Christian persecution around the world, which actually is a thing in some areas. I've been poking around while L. Is in the bathroom and.... Yeah. What more can I say? I've just recovered from a facepalm of Lestrade proportions. I respect the work those organizations do, but shit like this is just wrong.

I'll calm down in a bit and enjoy the night. Then I'll go home and write fanfic. It was going to be vague on the friendship/slash issue, but the drive to make it PG and give a certain someone credit in the notes is currently oh so tempting