February 17th, 2014


Sherlock Meta: Is Sherlock Gay?

(This started off as a musing over at Tumblr and got long enough I thought it warranted a regular blog post. I hope it's interesting to people here as well. It is long-winded, so if Sherlock and/or pontifications on sexuality aren't really your thing feel free to keep scrolling.)

Like a lot of people, I enjoy imagining John and Sherlock as romantically involved. More than that, at least with the BBC show, I think imagining John and Sherlock as wanting to be involved is the most straightforward interpretation of the evidence we've seen. Others have made this case more convincingly than I have, but if you're interested, see here, here, and here for arguments on this point.

Lately, though, I've noticed several people saying that because Sherlock likes John he has to be gay. This isn't directed at any particular person, btw; I've heard the comment outside of my particular LJ friends page + Tumblr circle, and I'm fairly sure I've made it myself. I think, though, it's worth remembering that (just like John can be attracted to Sara or Mary or any other woman without being attracted only to women), Sherlock can be drawn to John without that meaning he's attracted only to men. Or that he even has to be drawn to one particular gender or the other. One same-gender attraction, even a string of them, does not a gay person make.

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BBC Sherlock Fic: Hearth-Fires (ft. Mummy Holmes + Anthea; General)

I'm not a natural romantic, but something about all the Valentine's Day fic I've seen produced by my friends made me want to join in a bit. I thought I could write up a few hundred words of Mummy Holmes remembering a Valentine's Day traditions with her young sons. Three days later, I had 2,700 words of Mummy Holmes sharing tea with Anthea, making deductions, and working out the truth post-Reichenbach. Rounded out by childhood memories and generally Mummy Holmes being the awesome woman she would have to be, to accomplish everything she did both in the domestic and professional spheres.

I do believe I left my short!fic muse in the Shire, but as long as the 221B voices keep yammering away in my head, I'm not complaining.

Title: Hearth-Fires
Length: 2,708 + Notes
Rating: General; no warnings
Beta: kayleelupin, lindahoyland

Summary: John spent two years believing Sherlock Holmes was really and truly dead. It's entirely possible not everyone was so easily fooled. (ft. Mummy Holmes and Anthea)

Read at AO3