February 13th, 2014


New Sherlock fic: Gasping

I've mentioned a few times that I was working on a BBC Sherlock fic for the come_at_once challenge. It's posted now. At 5,425 words it's probably the longest piece of fic I've written in quite a while, and I flatter myself that it's pretty good.

I started writing this fic because I wanted to see if I could write actual, unambiguous John/Sherlock slash in a way that seemed to work for me. Watching the BBC Sherlock show I've always thought there was subtext so loud it seemed to cross into regular canon at some point, and I've certainly found the fanfic other people wrote plausible, but I struggled to imagine writing fanfic that did more than toe that line. I'm still not sure I've actually managed that, for all that this is sexually explicit in the middle section. Leave it to my rather unique muses to write what began as a sort of PWP (though I think it acquired entirely too much plot to warrant that term by the end) without quite managing to to establish the relationship in my mind.

Outside of that, though, I think the first and third sections can be read on their own and are quite interesting, and while there's a certain amount of suggestion, it's really not at all explicit if you prefer to avoid that - PG at most. I also flatter myself that it gives an interesting look at the John-Sherlock and Sherlock-Mrs. Hudson friendships in HLV. Writing Mrs. Hudson was particularly fun - that's such a warm relationship, so uncharacteristic for Sherlock, and it's really nice to sink into it a bit.

Anyway, if you're interested in BBC Sherlock, I do hope you'll give it a try.

Title: Gasping [Explicit for middle section; 5,434 words]
Spoilers: Series Three through "His Last Vow"
Challenge: come_at_once [see notes at AO3 for precise prompts]
Warnings: consent issues, sort of. Technical infidelity, again sort of. This is Sherlock's headspace so nothing is all that straightforward. Also, questionable medical ethics and references to drug use (past tense).

Summary: "John must have made some answer. Certainly, his lips were moving and Sherlock was vaguely aware of sounds reaching his ears. His brain, however, thoroughly refused to cooperate, to focus on anything other than the sight laid out before him. John, his coat collar turned up against the rain, taking a long pull on the cigarette that had so recently been in Sherlock's mouth. The way his lips curled tightly around the cigarette, his cheeks hollowed ever so slightly, his eyes half-closed in an expression reminiscent of, well, other pleasures.

This was potentially problematic.

Read at AO3.