February 8th, 2014


Whovian humor

Over at Tumblr, some clever Whovian drew a picture of all the planets (including Pluto) with their names etched over them in Gallifreyan. Why Pluto? Because as one clever commenter put it: "Pluto is the ninth planet, every whovian knows you can’t skip nine…"

I don't know if it's the lateness and the concussion and the stress or what exactly, but it's been a while since I've laughed so hard. Goodness, but I needed that.

Speaking of, I'm better than yesterday. Still easily worn out. Words are less of an issue; still can't hear music properly. It doesn't hurt that I spent most of the day playing around with fannish things on Tumblr and Pinterest. And read some fanfic. Didn't think about much of anything, very purposefully. Which was kind of nice. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and comforting words yesterday and today. Replying to you each individually is still a bit beyond me, but I really appreciate it.

ETA: While we're on the topic of geek laughs, here's a joke the Kid thought I'd get a smile out of. She was right.

Q - Why was the math teacher late for work?
A - She took the rhombus.