January 25th, 2014

doctor who

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Because some days just demand fish fingers and custard, I rewatched "The Eleventh Hour" tonight and then worked my way through my Pinterest looking for Doctor Who memes to make me smile. It worked.

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Right, that's enough. Arguably too much, but I do what I want, and what I wanted to do tonight was sharing the glory of Doctor Who being charming.

On a completely unrelated topic, what's the etiquette about using those valentines people make for different fandoms as actual valentines? You know, printing them out and sending them to fannish friends? I could credit the artist easily enough, and most don't discuss whether they can be used or not. It seems like a fun idea, but I'm not sure if it's a good one or not.

BBC Sherlock fic recs: in which I prove how badly I need a Mycroft icon

Today I stumbled across two delightful Sherlock fics, both shortish, both involving Mycroft. Delightful in completely different ways.

First: An unlikely association in seven fish, by Bold_as_brass

Set post-Reichenbach, this is the story of John's and Mycroft's continuing associations after Sherlock's "death." Which, I'm sure, has been done to bits by other fic - what makes this so much fun is the framing device: Mycroft and John keep meeting up for dinner at various fish restaurants around London, of shall we just say variable quality. This piece is worth reading if only for the image of Mycroft trying to avoid eating (in the words of the section subtitle introducing the scene) "Possibly pollock. In a bun." To say nothing of the jellied eels, or the "Cod's head and shoulders stuffed with veal, baked and served with an oyster sauce" Mycroft treats John to at the Diogenes Club at their first meeting, which Mycroft just perceives as a new chef going a "bit" overboard.

It's hillarious. And a bit toe-curling in parts - from both points-of-view - but mostly charmingly, heart-warmingly, two-blokes-putting-each-other-through-their-paces fun. Between all of that, though, there's some serious bonding going on, as much as I could see happening realistically. Wonderfully spot-on characterizations and just a few hints of "The Empty Hearse" and what's to come. (So spoiler warning, although I'm not sure you'd perceive them as spoilers if you hadn't already seen TEH.)


Second: Don't Appal Me When I'm High, by chasingriver

This second story is a little more of a "niche" piece. It's a gapfiller for a scene in "His Last Vow," which means serious series three spoilers. It's sexually explicit. Looking at this from a plot perspective it's pretty much exclusively a sex scene, and Mycroft/Sherlock to boot. And on top of that, it's not only dubcon (meaning there are serious doubts about whether the other character consents), but not just any dubcon: it's what I'd have to call reciprocal dubcon: Sherlock has every reason to doubt Mycroft's consent, but in the same moment Mycroft must know Sherlock couldn't consent, or at least not consent fully.

If I haven't entirely driven you away with that introduction, I can't recommend this piece highly enough. I actually feel a little guilty giving a whole laundry-list of all the reasons why someone might object to this piece because I don't think they are bad or need to be apologized for, certainly not in the wonderful context this author puts them in. I'm just also aware that for some people, these will be serious enough hurdles that they don't really be able to enjoy the situation. In a weird way, though, I think these factors are as much enticements as they are warnings. They should be, because they point to the fascinating kind of work this short piece does.

This story is probably the darkest and most convincingly dark explorations of the Holmes brothers' dynamic I've had the pleasure to read. For all the sex I didn't find it precisely erotic; I was too busy being appalled, fascinated, intrigued, slightly disgusted at myself over said intrigue, and fascinated once again. But over twelve hours after I first read it, I'm still thinking to myself: damn, but our boys would never do that, would they? And then realizing how hard-pressed I am to disagree. Delightfully, wonderfully, compellingly dark, in a way that makes me keep turning it over in my head. Granted, not everyone's cuppa, but if it is.... well, I haven't been able to get this one out of my mind, and I mean that in the best of all possible ways.

Anyone else come across some good Sherlock fic lately?