January 21st, 2014



Right, so I finally watched Ten's regeneration into Eleven in "The End of Time," which was wonderful on so many level, and also Eleven's first episode.

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To say I am smitten is an understatement. The regeneration was glorious. The reason for the regeneration was just... *unf.* If you asked me how much I loved Matt Smith's opening moment at the end of "The End of Time", on a scale of one to ten? Eleven. (Yes, predictable joke, I know. Still true.)

And Amy! Finally a companion I can see myself really getting swept away by. So self-possessed. So sassy. So broken and isolated, but not in a way that makes her actually weak. I love Rory, too, the little bit we've seen of him - the very fact that he's a male nurse, yet competent, brave, with a real generosity of spirit, and smart in his own way.

And really, the less said about the music, the better. Because hearing that in the context of an episode, [cut for spoilers]after that wardrobe change and the fact that the Doctor is perfectly willing to hold on to those clothes? Brilliant.

As I said: to say that I am smitten is an understatement. I know, it can't be all campy fun all the time, and I've been told this particular Doctor has some real depth to him which I'm looking forward to discovering. I think that will be wonderful, too. But at the moment, we're just one episode in and Eleven has already slid into a close third place for my favorite Doctor, coming in so close he knocked over Nine and Ten as he sorted himself and they're now all in a giant pile of Awesomeness on the floor. Fez still firmly in place, of course.