January 16th, 2014

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more late night Sherlock thoughts

ETA: Before I get to the spoilers:

1) I am in love with a show built around Reichenbach. Which for all intents and purposes is a fake suicide, making the point that suicide is the height (if you'll pardon the pun) of disgrace.
2) I am currently up at nearly 2 AM, not from nightmares about RL suicides but because I finally saw the real post-credit scene at the end of His Last Vow. My brain is not recoiling from itself, I am not suffering the adrenaline and psychosomatic aftereffects of nightmares. I have not had an actual nightmare since The Empty Hearse broadcasted.

As odd as this may sound... do you guys have any idea how healthy this is? Do you have any clue how often I've prayed to a God I wasn't even sure I still believed in, promised my firstborn child to any Rumplestiltskins lurking in the shadows, would have given anything for two weeks of no nightmares and something so absorbing it could get me to react critically to a faked suicide?

I didn't even realize it was happening. It is a fantasy come true. So however interested or non-interested you are in this particular show as a show or as a fandom you're drawn to or whatever else, do be happy for me on that level. This is an impossibility made real. And of course it won't last. But there's a part of me that now knows it can happen again.

Now back to what I originally posted re: ASIP/HLV comparisons.

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doctor who

fannish share: hiatus, our old friend

The latest Sherlock series is done broadcasting in the UK, which means it's time for the crazy, wonderfully talented folks of the Sherlock fandom to do their thing.

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In other words: welcome back, hiatus, old friend. The road goes ever on and on, they say, and I'm not sure fanfic writers don't come up with better material than Team Moffat. Which raises the interesting question in light of recent copyright decisions: rather than writing disclaimers saying no copyright infringement is intended on ACD or Team Moffat, perhaps I should set up a Creative Commons license to give guidance to the BBC scriptwriting team? If series three teaches us anything, it's that Mark Gatiss *must* have a Tumblr account.

Of course, for those of you less driven to create, Waterstones has you covered...


And, because I never got around to posting my Watson Wednesday share, here's that FB status as well:

Today is Wednesday, meaning I'm supposed to collect my favorite John Watson picture or meme. The best I can come up with is this meme, one of the texts from Baker Street series. The meme series is so very different from both Doyle and the BBC canon, but still entirely too funny for someone who both loves and enjoys laughing at them both. On top of the text itself, it's John Watson's facial expression that really makes me laugh. No spoilers whatsoever.

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(via textsfr0mbakerstreet.tumblr.com)

The real star of Watson Wednesday, however, is an analysis I put up on my blog last night, about the final scene of "His Last Vow," the BBC Sherlock third series finale. Or more precisely, the comments on that analysis. The post itself is so-so, though I think it's still worth reading if you were underwhelmed by that final scene. What truly stands out to me is the comments I've received over at LiveJournal, with some very thoughtful insights both into that scene and Watson's character generally (obviously within the confines of the BBC show). I shared a link on a discussion group for the show last night and have been truly impressed by the responses.

This post and the comments do have spoilers for series three, especially the final episode. But if you've seen it and are interested in what other people made of it, do check out the comments over at LJ.



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Since the original Sherlock stories are now in the public domain, and since Team Moffat in no ways does their script "research" on Tumblr, I thought I'd help them out.

Creative Commons License
This work by Marta is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Remixes welcomed. Commercial works okay. Credit wouldn't go amiss. You know, the basics.

That goes for everyone else, btw. I've actually been meaning to do this for a while, and the latest Sherlock episode gave me enough of a laugh on this point, the time seemed just about right.