January 14th, 2014

doctor who

fannish share of the day: in which a good man goes to war

Back before the Sherlock series finale aired, I shared this Doctor Who fanart over at Pinterest, of the verse "When a good man goes to war." I haven't seen the episode it's taken from yet so I don't know the DW context, but it's always struck me as achingly beautiful. As series three progressed, it also seemed achingly appropriate to what Sherlock was going through in this series, and I still believe it is. But it's nice on its own, and in my opinion this image is a really nice piece of fanart. Original words by Team Moffat, art by Tumblr user calypsocoin.

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On a slightly more upbeat note, albeit one deserving a language warning:


We brought down Tumblr. Twitter could handle the Arab Spring, but Tumblr couldn't ride out the Sherlock finale. That makes me feel simultaneously proud and entirely too shallow.


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doctor who

because I am a Mycroft fangirl...

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Apparently, Mark Gatiss knows the value of a good coat and a short partner in crime friend. This strikes me as hilarious for reasons that are beyond me. I do believe Sherlock has broken my brain.

I don't actually think this particular meme is spoilerish, though explaining the context certainly would be...