December 18th, 2013


(no subject)

Been traveling for two days and busy before that, and I'm too far behind on LJ to try to catch up. Anything anyone posted that I should really look at, either that you'd be interested on my thoughts on or just think i'd particularly enjoy? Drop me a link in a comment, please. It's not rude IMO and would help me out as i hate missing things.

Going to go take a soak and then probably blog a bit, either about copyright issues in the whole Caitlin Moran thing or why slash-shaming is really very anti-feminist. Because I am back at an internet connection and durn it if my brain isn't firing on all five cylinders all of a sudden. If anyone's around and has a preference to see me talk about one or the other first (I hope to get to both topics eventually) do let me know.