December 16th, 2013


daily round-up: Sherlock and Anderson

It’s been close to a month since I’ve actually sat down and watched Sherlock, so this morning I thought I’d watch the unaired version of the pilot. And this show had me at “This is Inspector Lestrade. Please call me when you get this. I think we’re going to need you.”

For the record, that’s 1:42 in. There’s just something about the way that’s handled that so gets at Sherlock’s relationship with the Scotland Yard, the difference between being needed and wanted, the juxtaposition with John Watson waking up from a nightmare all alone and being (to quote Reichenbach) “so alone, and [John] owes you so much.” It’s just really quite wonderful, particularly after a while away.

In that vein, and as my fannish share of the day, enjoy some fannish humor making fun of Anderson.

#1. Star Trek/Sherlock crossover, By Barachiki @ Tumblr:

#2. Sherlock headcanon. I’m not entirely sure why this one amuses me so much:

#3. Signatures of the Sherlock crew, by Taggianto @ Tumblr:


Quote of the day. Not that this will become a regular thing, but I stumbled across this quote from Mark Ruffalo on fanart of Iron Man and the Hulk. And his description really struck me as entirely too right: “I endorse it 100 percent. You know what it is? It’s open-source creativity.”

Pinterest: Recent funnies

Journalism + Blogging I’ve Read This Last Week:

1. Western nations with social safety net happier, by Benjamin Radcliffe
2. Who Needs a Gun?, by Gary Gutting
3. How Did Jameis Winston Evade a Rape Charge?, by Emily Bazelon

Have a good day!

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Right, so I'm supposed to be being a little less intendsely fannish. Or trying to be lately. But someone came up with a meme that is entirely too perfect. There's a tag somewhere (twitter? tumblr? somewhere) of girls doing things that every girl secretly likes doing, like having that one outfit that makes you feel good about yourself. Then, some genius (and I mean that in a good way!)paired these with a picture from the Sherlock fandom.

Because, you know, we like to make everything about us. And also are everywhere, lurking and ready to make everything about Sherlock.

I've pinned the few I've found to my Sherlock board over at Pinterest. Right now they're at the top of the page right after the notice that that page will contain spoilers for series three come January 01. I do wish I could find a collection someone has put together of the best Sherlock/justgirlythings crossovers. But in the meantime, if you're at all drawn to Shderlock and/or subverting gender expectations, do check it out.

Johnlock fan-art of an adult nture

This is the kind of thing my inner fannish censor tells me I shouldn't share, because it is of an adult nature, and slash, and because it's Sherlock where I've probably seen more pushback against John/Sherlock slash than people being enthused by it, and also because it seems odd enough it will make me into an even odder person than I already am.

Which, for some unfathomable reason, seems like a bad thing. Even though I don't really believe it.

So, as part of my efforts to be a little self-censoring and a little more at ease with my own fannishness: have some absolutely lovely John/Sherlock fanart. Rated R and with specific warnings at the top of the post. If this isn't your thing then no harm done, I hope, simply by admitting to its existence. However, as I've been letting the drive to just be "normal" (meaning non-fannish or non-obviously-fannish) get the better of me, I think I need to share it. Particularly now in light of the feminist writer Caitlin Moran's recent anti-slash stunt (which I'll probably be writing about more relatively soon, though possibly not until later in the week), which made me see red.

(ETA: At the risk of coming down too hard on a feminist writer I usually quite enjoy, am I the only Arthur Conan Doyle fan getting a first-rate giggle out of that last name, given the context?)

Because slash doesn't have to mean sex; sex doesn't have to mean porn; and even if you consider this fanart a work of pornography, it's still able to spark a really, really nice conversation in the comments about just why it's so erotic. Why it works, and just what it tells us about the way we see the characters. It's a frank discussion ageism, and biases against those carrying some kind of disfiguring (John's war wound), and the nature of trust and power in a sexual situation. Just the kind of conversations feminists should be all on board with. Plus, it's women being unabashedly proud of being sexual beings - where else does that happen half as well as it does in fandom?

As I said, a larger conversation for another day, although one that's definitely simmering. (Irony of ironies: it's slash fanfic and the reaction to the same that's made me much more self-conscious of my feminism.) On the fanart in question I won't blame anyone if you decide this isn't your thing because you don't care for Sherlock or you don't care for erotica (a valid personal preference for a whole host of reasons), or simply if you don't find the concept of Johnlock appealing. No judgment on that front. But as I'm trying to make my inner censor sit down and shut up a bit more, well let me just repeat: