December 10th, 2013


fannish discovery

As part of writing a longish FaceBook post about how I've got more going on in my life than my fannish interests (which I do), I used the term "Smiddlebatch." The meaning is obvious: the holy trifecta of everyone's favorite baby giraffe, high-functioning sociopath, and dance-dance fever Asgardian.

Fun fact: googling "smiddlebatch" turns up no results at all. Which doesn't seem possible, given how naturally the term came to me, but there you go. Of course the sheer amount of happy that fact brings me really does count as a mark against the idea that I should be considered "normal" in any meaning of that term...

This seems to be a real issue for me these days, and I'm not entirely sure why. Still, my neologism greatly amused me.

reason #1,437 why I love Sherlockians

We have prolonged conversations of just which Sherlock character this hedgehog with a bow is supposed to be.

The hedgehog meme is pure comic gold for the fandom that waited a bit too long, and a regular addition at my Sherlock-themed Pinterest board. Any hedgehog becomes Martin Freeman in our minds and it's actually quite fun to play with. (Particularly LOL-worthy example.) But the fact that it also inspires half-serious conversations somehow makes it even more inspiring