December 8th, 2013


Sherlock BBC fanfic: The Frailty of Genius

At heart, I'm a fanfic writer. I've also become increasingly interested in BBC Sherlock over the last several months. At some level, the two were bound to intersect eventually.

Title: The Frailty of Genius
Rating: G; Word Count: 1,096 + Notes
Characters: Sherlock, John, Moriarty
Betas: lindahoyland, Kaylee Arafinwiel

Summary: Even if it wasn't for the whole getting-kidnapped-by-Moriarty thing, a man like John would never have approved of Sherlock's choice to use top-secret missile plans as bait to lure a criminal mastermind out. The aftermath of the pool scene that bridges "The Great Game" and "A Scandal in Belgravia."

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Apparently it's possible to go a minute without breathing. While squealing. Biology's a funny thing sometimes.

(Sherlock S03 spoilers, obviously...)

I will keep my desire to pummel Sherlock over the head with his own violin to an absolute minimum until I actually see the show. Also, his and Moffat's treating this passionateless self as a betrayal and a devolution, which is another matter entirely. For the moment: *bouncey*

while we're on the topic of drive-by fangirling...

I saw the first Tennant Christmas special last night. That duel between Ten and the other dude was the most splendiferous epic Who-ness I think I may ever see. No second chances, indeed. Though the bit with Harriet Jones that followed (trying to be vague for spoilers) was really quite horrible, although even there in a good way. And proper cup of tea? Why Whovians find Santa scary? Really the whole episode was 10,000 miles past awesomeness.

In fact? Take this line, switch "bad" for "good" and "good" for "bad," and you have a fair approximation of my reaction to that special.