December 4th, 2013


Fannish Share of the Day: Watson Wednesday

It's Watson Wednesday once again, and as if on cue the world premiere of the Hobbit provided much goofing around between Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch. One of my favorite bits:

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It's Benedict's expression in the first panel that really kind of makes it work - there's such a comfortable friendship between these two at work here. I also found myself laughing at the way Martin Freeman has kind of a reputation for being "the king of sass" whereas Benedict is known as being a very posh and refined, almost naive and very gentle man, at least in the way they choose to present themselves in interviews and at award shows and the like. But as their association has gone on, you've seen more of these moments. In the Sherlock fandom we even have a phrase for it: Benedict, your Martin is showing.

Which is really as much of an excuse as I could ask to share a bit of Martin Freeman's famous sassiness. Be forewarned, some include strong language. It's really very hard to find interviews of Freeman where he isn't swearing like a dwarf, for all he plays the "I don't like this adventure one bit" mild-mannered Brit in pretty much every project he's a part of.

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And in spite of all that, he's clearly a very generous, charming man and a great actor to boot. I may talk about Benedict Cumberbatch more because he gets all the media attention so there's simply more to follow, but it was Martin Freeman who really brought me in to Sherlock, and he'll be the one whose career I'm sure I'll follow after this particular show.


Recent FB posts (kind of my versions of tweets):


Poking fun at a sick person's cracking voice is apparently bad karma. Still don't feel sick, but my voice is very nearly gone. Time for mega doses of hot tea (teh horrorz) so I can get through the exam review on Thursday.

(NB: This was last night; I've seen a doc at the school infirmary and have a clean bill of health. Just allergies that need OTC decongestant.)


I know full well this isn't how numbers work, but it's really freaking me out a bit that if I put sixteen questions on my 200-point exam it works out to a relatively even point-value of 12.5 points per question, whereas fifteen questions gave me 13.3 repeating. Because 15 and 200 *look* like they are more similar than 16 and 200.

There's no reason in the world why this should unnerve me as much as it does. I'm just enough of a mathematician to note things like this and be both amused and a bit weirded out by it.

In other news, version A of the exam is written. Huzzah, cheerio, and all that jazz.


A while back, there was a rumor that Sherlock series three would include not just three episodes but a Christmas special. At the time, the show producers shot down the possibility. But BBC fans probably are well aware of rule #1:

Moffat lies.

Does anyone know if you can access this Red Button service outside of the UK and without a television? If they say it's available with the Red Button service, should I be able to watch it online somewhere?


Yes, yes, I've already used my fannish share for the day. But it's been a long day, and Martin Freeman is singing a silly song about an overworked, under-appreciated elf. Self-control is overrated.


Year after year, this never gets old.