November 12th, 2013


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Life is more fun with a fannish frame of reference.

Winter is no longer simply coming; it's arrived, and caught me with a scoop-necked shirt (lightweight coat, and no scarf. One of those at least was remediable, and as a Sherlock fan, scarf-shopping means a choice between several Sherlockish options. I found a nice purple one on sale that reminded me of Sherlock's purple scarf of... well, being Sherlock.

Trouble was, the scarf I bought (unnoticed by me until I'd ripped off the tags) wasn't a strip but actually a circular thing sewn together in a loop. Problem solved: wrap it around the outside of my coat collar and be all mysterious, turning up my coat collar so I look cool.

Here's a pic taken by holding my cameraphone out at arm's length. It's a bit grainy and I can't quite worked out if I managed to rotate it so I'm no longer upside down. I don't look nearly as fun as I feel, but subjectively, I totally rock.

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