November 10th, 2013


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Seems a lot of people I know and love are having birthdays this week. I sometimes give proper birthday greetings with fic recommendations or pictures of flowers and cake or some such thing. Other times I don't mark birthdays at all. I really stink at this area of friendship, and while I always want to mark special days, as often as not those best intentions don't turn into actual posts. It's really not a reflection on how much I value the friendship.

Still, four people I really like and enjoy spending time with first entered the time-space matrix - reality - thing this upcoming week. Or rather it's the anniversary of that happy occasion. You know what I mean, I hope.

So: a very happy birthday to thunderatiger, roh_wyn, just_ann_now, and windswept1. Here's one of my favorite cast interviews from the movies that brought us all together.

And, by way of bonus, thinking about Tolkien has me thinking about Martin Freeman. The Sherlock fandom has a lot of fun with his (erm) rather liberal use of profanity, compared to his clean-cut mild-mannered characters. Perhaps this fan poem will give you all a fannish smile as well?