November 3rd, 2013


heads-up: BMEM proposal + volunteer call

Fellow Tolkienites,

Dawn, the noble lady of the glorious House of Felagund, is starting to get things rolling for the Back to Middle-earth event. In what could either be pure idiocy or the smartest move I've made in a while, I offered to help out. Both idiocy and smartness since I'll be on the job market and would probably do well to have some fun distraction, but also to be free of said distraction (because, you know, fandom).

Seriously, I'm thrilled it's happening again and also excited to help out. I'm sure Dawn would like a few more hands on board, though. So why don't you head over to the B2MEM blog, read up on what they're considering, weigh in, and maybe even offer to help out behind the scenes? The more the merrier.