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October 25th, 2013

Originally published at Faith Seeking Understanding. You can comment here or there.

A thing happened today over at Tumblr. Lots of things, in fact, and today is hardly unique in that area; but one particular thing happened that dovetailed quite nicely with some Deep Thoughts (TM) I’ve been mulling about on my own for the better part of a week.

Let me back up. Over at FaceBook, I have friends from pretty much all areas of my life: school friends, from Cleveland, Greensboro, and now NYC; current neighbors and non-school friends; fandom friends from all over; and family, to name a few groups. Some of these people are much more conservative than I am. Some are much more liberal, or progressive, or libertarian, or whatever axis you want to choose. And some are just flat-out more politically active than most of the people I hang out with in fandom or RL. So there is a lot of sharing of political memes, news links, and the like. That’s fact #1.

Fact #2: FaceBook allows you to hide things shared from certain sources. So if (say) Theoden was my FaceBook feed and was sharing stories from the group HaveSwordWillTravel, a well-known extreme-right-wing group that shared conspiracy fearmongering about why Thorongil really disappeared after the Harad raid. If I wanted to, I could tell Facebook not to display stories from that group, or from Thorongil, or just any one particular story. In RL, this means I can spare myself the majority of political shares and focus on the discussions I actually do want to be having. It means I don’t have to deal with the frustration of being faced with things I disagree with, that FB can become more of a safe space to just hang out with friends and family, and that I can do the political thing on the terms I find more helpful (the blogs and periodicals I choose to follow because they’re thought-provoking. Keeping FB a place to hang with friends is very good for my sanity, these days.

I do this for my personal mental health, and also because I honestly believe you can have friendships based on something more substantive than whether you agree on anything, much less on politics. I sometimes find it hard to just scroll past things because it feels like I’m ignoring something that’s important to my friends. Out of sight out of mind is easier at some level, though at some level it does feel like a more intense act of ignoring – like you’re just not engaging with your friends on the things they thought were important enough to share, and that you’re somehow not loving them as a friend should. And, because I am the unique mix of neurosis and philosophical conviction that makes me me, the fact that I do this really bothers me.

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Oct. 25th, 2013

I know I've been talking about Sherlock quite a bit lately, but I've been wanting to spend a little bit of time with Sherlock fans who are... well, less crazy. This fandom has a reputation for being zany, funny, high speed. And it is, and I like that. But I've also been feeling a bit like I've come off a sugar high. I'd love to do something a little more substantive, have serious conversations with people who like the show and want to talk about it. Not that you guys haven't been great; I just feel like I'm imposing a bit. Maybe even a fic-writing challenge. There's a part of me that wants to create something Sherlockish but doesn't know where to start.

I know some of you guys are into Sherlock. Does anyone know of any groups or anything that's a little less... monolothic, I guess, than Tumblr and AO3?




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    PM me your address. I have a card set aside for you, but need name and address to get it going.

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