October 14th, 2013


30 Days of Sherlock, Day 01: Fave Episode

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I’ve decided to do one of those “Thirty days of _________” memes for the “Sherlock” show. As I’m thinking about it, I may as well be blogging about it.

Day 01: Your favorite episode

There’s this common idea in medieval philosophy that you can’t compare two things unless they have some quality in common. For instance, is “Psycho” or “Casablanca” a better movie? Well, it means what you think it takes to be a good movie. Anselm went so far as to say this is one way we know God exists: because we cannot rank thinks as being better or worse (which everyone does) without thinking they have some source of goodness in common.

I won’t go that far, but I do think the movie example is plausible. Both movies are good on their own terms, but they do quite different things, and you can’t compare them until you figure out what characteristic we’ll be considering.

And therein comes the problem for Sherlock. Because there are a grand total of six episodes (*cue weeping and gnashing of teeth*), four of which succeed spectacularly – in four very different ways.

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