October 12th, 2013


Sherlock fandom goodness

It's been entirely too long since I've taken to fandom, either Tolkien or any other, in such an intense way. But Sherlock, aside from the way the show itself has completely laid claim to my heart and mind, has one of the wittiest, most passionate, funniest fandoms I've been involved with since Tolkien at the height of the movies. Probably more so than that, though Sherlock fandom is so spread out there's not the same sense of community I found in Tolkienverse.

And yes, granted, the Sherlock fandom is positively certifiable in some of its iterations. The long wait does something to your brains at a certain point. But if you can wade past the otters and hedgehogs and Cumberbatch-induced squealing, there's some really high-quality speculation and philosophizing and fic to be had.

On that last point, I've been losing myself in the Paradox series that I believe Vulngarweed recommended. And... wow. When I think about it objectively, it strikes me there are some ways that the characterization feels off, but somehow that never bothers me when I'm reading it. It's one of the best portrayals of an Aspergers-like mental illness I think I've ever seen, and I see so much of myself in the author's portrayal of the intense painfulness of boredom. Something about the way she describes Sherlock resembles my own situation, intensely. So intensely. And there's lots of other good stuff there as well.

I've read 20k words tonight, give or take. For those of you who know me, you know this is a minor miracle. I am a slow reader, actually not much of a fanfic reader at all (I write, and I volunteer, but reading other peoples' fic, even really interesting stuff or by people I like, is usually hard work rather than relaxing). But this series is phenomenally moving. I've been reading pretty much all night and am finally setting it aside out of outright exhaustion. Not because it's perfectly how I imagine the boys but because the characters themselves are so alive and engaging. And for the first time in years, I can't quite stop reading.

That's also a minor miracle. I've talked a bit about how I'm going through hard RL times right now. I am working at that as hard as I can, sending off resumes and so on, and quite often Sherlock is my stress-valve and my motivation to hold it together. "Go hold office hours and deal with being around people you really don't want to deal with because once you've done that you can go home and watch "The Great Game" one more time. Or "Finish up your lecture notes for tomorrow and then you can think up a witty caption and share that scrumptious Martin Freeman photo or flesh out your theories of why Sherlock prefers to text whereas Mycroft never does it if he can avoid it.

Or, apparently, reading fanfic.

If anyone else is interested, you can read it here. It's John/Sherlock and contains explicit sex, but it's all (so far) rather tasteful and well-integrated.

Also, you may notice that I'm sometimes posting directly through LJ and other times through my blog, http://fidesquaerens.net/ . I'm not abandoning the blog by a longshot. But Sherlock has me wanting to chat rather than blog. (There does seem to be a difference>) And LJ just seems more intimate, somehow and more appropriate for that kind of fangirling. When I have longer stuff I want to preserve I'll run it through FQ.net.

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I know that not everyone here likes reading slash, and I know not everyone is into Sherlock. So if you only get to enjoy this because it amuses me, that's okay.

But in the fanfic, I'm reading, Sherlock is nearly killed and gets a blood transfusion from Watson (they're the same type, and there was a major highway accident just before Sherlock arrived at the hospital). And this makes him ridiculously happy because he's always fantasized about trading blood with Watson so a bit of each of them will be running under the other person's skin. And so he wants Watson to take a vial of his blood as a kind of gift.

This is Sherlock being romantic. And Watson thinks it's certifiable, but also promises to consider it if Sherlock still wants to do it when he's no longer high on opiates. Which is beyond sweet in its own way. Because the idea of blood transfusions as romantic gifts is... odd. Disgusting in its own way.

And also: without a doubt the sweetest thing I've ever seen. It's so Sherlock. and it's also the kind of thing I can see meaning a lot to me, if it ever happened to me.

Yes, I am an odd one. I'm also grinning from ear to ear, and it's all I can do to keep from squealing out loud. Because really, it's the sweetest, most endearing thing I've ever read.