October 9th, 2013


the mad man with the blue box

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While Doctor Who is still not my favorite BBC series produced by Steven Moffat (may his name forever be cursed) involving a man with a long coat, a loyal companion he’d do anything for but would never admit it, a nontraditional mode of transportation (TARDIS, uncanny ability to hail London cabs – same diff), and an knack for seeing solutions that elude other people … I’m also beginning to see why it made it fifty years. Because it’s fun, charming, interesting, and oh-so-British all at the same time. Very, very weird and it’s far enough removed from reality that I don’t think I’ll ever feel truly fannish about it. But I can see how it’s nice at the end of a long week to tune in for an hour of this wild ride.

This is my way of saying the one with the zeppelins? *mwah*

Also: “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry”? I love that line. I really, really do because it gives such depth to such a powerful, other-worldly creature. He’s so moral, and his outrage (I’ve seen it three times so far) seems like genuine moral outrage and not just lashing out.

Also also: This meme? Spot on.


In other news I spent a good part of the afternoon in the ER. I thought it was food poisoning, but by the time I was seen I was almost symptom free which made the doctor think unknown allergy rather than actually bad food. They did some tests to be sure and will call me tomorrow with the results, otherwise I’m to be on the lookout for what I eat if it happens again, and maybe go to an allergen if it’s a persistent problem. Essentially: “Well, you’re better now and we don’t know why it happened, so off you go.” Money well spent, that…

So my normal Manhattan day was unexpectedly short-circuited. Which means no “Gravity.” I may try again after I give the exam on Thursday. The cinema gives student prices on Thursday anyway, so that may work out better. Still, it was a day thoroughly wasted in a not-too-fun way, so perhaps a little blue box time was in order.