September 15th, 2013


This is Just to Say

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(Spoilers for Sherlock Series 2)

i have watched
the episode
that was about

(Which, yes, I really should have saved – pacing myself, you know. I just had to know how they fixed the cliffhanger at the end of series one – a response which somehow ended up being utterly ridiculous and utterly perfect all at once – and then one thing kind of rolled into another and I couldn’t quite shut it off …)

and which
i probably will be
time and time again, and at least one more time after that

forgive me,
the episode was delicious

(I mean, really, the S*H*E*Rlocked and the blogging and the cap – goodness, but how perfect that photo op with the cap was – and pretty much everything with Irene, to say nothing of what a man, what a man, what a mighty fine man …)

so sweet, so funny
yet so claim-my-heart-already-I’m-yours


With apologies to Carl Sandburg. Really, I need to watch this episode at least three or four more times before I’ve formed a coherent of it because it is really and truly so full of wonderful, well, everything. It’s just so silly in the best possible way and walks the fine line between Sherlock becoming too serious and being upstaged by Mycroft and Watson. I couldn’t stop laughing through the whole Watson’s wanting to steal an ashtray – Sherlock Holmes, put your trousers on – and then Sherlock actually stealing said ashtray. And then everything with the break-in, to be turned around to show how well Mrs. Hudson handled herself, to be turned around once again in the final act… Simply, utterly, stupendously perfect.

And then we get to Irene Adler. As a woman I suppose I should feel a little frustrated at how women have been treated in the series. Very few would pass a Bechdel test, for instance. But Mrs. Hudson really handles herself very well here, she becomes a real force and is even more levelheaded than Watson. And, well, Irene Adler. I’m still not sure what entirely to make of her character. She’s not quite a romantic interest in the traditional sense and yet at the same time… well, there’s the very tell end of the episode. (And may I just say, after seeing Sherlock more than a bit embarrassed by the government regulars, that turnabout was really and truly welcome.) And whether they are to be formidable opponents, allies, friends, lovers, whatever, it’s more than a bit satisfying to see John being the one with a revolving door for romance where Sherlock actually has something like a substantive relationship. Emphasis on something like, but still. I mean, as much as I love Jean-Luc Picard, it really should be the captain who gets the girl. :-)

Even with all that, though, the bit that really got to me, that made me throw my head back and howl with laughter, was this:

Watson’s blog has gotten a bit of a following turning Sherlock into a household name, and to avoid the press he needs a disguise. He’s passing through a playhouse and just happens to pull… the most iconic, stereotypically old-school Sherlock cap off the rack. Wunderbar!

And I just noticed, looking for that picture on Google Images, that there’s apparently a smiley face painted on the wall of 221B, and it’s in the same color as the spray-paint from “The Blind Banker.” Now I am imagining Sherlock being so bored he uses spraypaint that’s evidence in a serial murder to graffiti his own parlor.

Okay, time to stop thinking about Sherlock and work on other things. But really, this is entirely too much fun.

ETA: And as a Pinterest post just reminded me when John asks Sherlock if he’s wearing any pants… those boys are British, not Americans. *snickers*