September 13th, 2013


marta is…. freee!!!! (at least until Monday)

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If you read this blog regularly, you may recognize this Two Towers clip as the one I pull out after finishing something major. Usually it’s for the semester ending, but this time: I emailed dissertation proposal version out to my committee so they can read it before my defense next week. The topic has been finetuned and generally is much improved, I think. (I’m writing on whether Anselm can defend himself against two of Gaunilo’s criticisms and arguing he can; I can go into more detail if people are interested.) I’ve been working pretty much around the clock on this, with entirely too little sleep, so it’s a huge relief to have the project more or less settled.

A part of me wants to go out and celebrate, but the timing’s a bit unfortunate. Yom Kippur starts tomorrow night and while I’m not Jewish I’ve developed a personal tradition of celebrating the holiday. This year I’m going to hear a friend sing at Kol Nidre tomorrow night at a hole-in-the-wall shul in Brooklyn and then of course I’ll be fasting on Saturday. At which point it will be close enough to the exam that I’ll probably want to hold off until I actually pass the things.

But I have the time now to actually breathe again. No more very long days, no more feeling guilty if rewatch a House episode or play Angry Birds for a bit. No time if I engage in a JStew/ColBeef laugh or two. (And speaking of the first bit, is anyone interested in seeing blog posts about House M.D. episode reactions as I rewatch it?)

Mostly I get to sleep. I feel thoroughly drained at the moment but in that odd place of not able to sleep. It will come, though. :-)