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September 2nd, 2013

site changes

Originally published at Faith Seeking Understanding. You can comment here or there.

I’ve been playing around with the version of this blog at http://www.fidesquaerens.org/ . In addition to the new look, it has:

social media icons

1. the “F” takes you to my FaceBook page (FB log-in required).
2. the “T” takes you to my Twitter account, which I use to keep track of links to websites I’ve read and enjoyed and want to either blog about later or include in the round-up.
3. The “in” points to my Pinterest page, where I share funny pictures. Technically the icon is for linked-in, but that’s because the guy making the theme I used didn’t have a Pinterest option.

post categories

I’d always tagged posts at this site to make it easier to find related posts, but I now worked a away to add more prominent links. Click on Deep Thoughts, Fannish, etc., to get posts on those topics, with the most recent post listed first. Basically it’s the blog showing only posts of that type. The “My Fanfic” page is a little different – it’s actually a page with links to other posts.


I’d really like to encourage people who read me at LiveJournal to comment here at FidesQuaerens.org, either instead of LJ or if they still want to talk via LJ, to copy their comment here as well. It makes the blog look a little more active when I try to write guest posts for other places. Also, this is the site I link to at FB and other places, so unless you comment is here, folks who aren’t on LJ won’t see it.

To make that a little easier, I changed the commenting system this site uses. You should be able to type your name and email address (which is only visible to me, and I don’t mind if you use a dummy account). You can also use a FB, WordPress, or Twitter account if you like, but you don’t have to. There’s also a link you can click below where you type in the comments, that’s supposed to let you sign up to receive an email notification anytime someone makes a new comment on that site. I’ve never tried it personally. But if anyone wants to tick the tires a little, leave a few test comments and see how it works, I’d be grateful.

I don’t want to give the impression I don’t care about comments at LJ. I absolutely do, and if you only want to comment there, that’s uch better than no comment at all. But if this makes it easier for people to comment at this site, I’d like to encourage that.


Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think. Is there anything you’d like to see changed or improved on?



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  • 5 Dec 2020, 12:53
    PM me your address. I have a card set aside for you, but need name and address to get it going.

    - Erulisse (one L)
  • 5 Dec 2020, 12:04
    What a lovely idea!
  • 4 Dec 2020, 17:56
    Mmmm, ginger snapses!
  • 4 Dec 2020, 17:37
    I don't send out cards anymore, but I was drooling over all the pop-up ones Amazon had and wondering if it might not be time to resume the tradition (I decided no).

    Not much help in the Hallmark…
  • 25 Nov 2020, 14:52
    That's great! Happy Thanksgiving to you and thanks for the marching, musical cats. LOL

    - Erulisse (one L)
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