November 3rd, 2012


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This election has me scared. Not that “my guy” won’t win (like Treebeard, I am not entirely on anyone’s side because no one is entirely on my side). No, it’s that I’m hearing pundits and friends on both the left and the right that are so sure their candidate is going to be triumphant.

There’s also a concern about the legitimacy of the election. I am hearing Dems worry about ID laws and voter intimidation, and GOP pundits seem to think polls showing Romney behind are biased. (That, and the concern that poor people are bought and paid for through things like Obamaphones.) The problem is, only one guy can win. Come November 7, half of America is going to feel disappointed. And more than that, a fair portion of that half is going to feel *cheated*.

Which makes it damned hard for us to move forward as a country, to have a government that actually represents all the people. I really hope that whichever side loses next week, they will be able to sit down and try again in four years, but without feeling like an occupying army has taken over their community. I’m not sure that’s possible, though. So mainly I’m just a bit scared that we’ll all end up losing out this time around.