October 20th, 2012


SED #10: an unexpected purchase

I forgot to renew my warranty on my laptop, and so rather than purchasing an extension was going to have to buy a new warranty rather than an extension. (My fault; I got the email notification but just never did anything with it.) This was much more expensive than I was expecting, and I have an older machine anyway, going on four years. So I started looking at whether it might just be better to get a new machine.

Turns out HP has a clearance sale going on, so I was able to get a decent machine + two-year warranty for $600. Buying a new warranty after I'd let mine expire was going to cost at least $200. I've had really good service with HP so far, not least because they have technicians in their online chat that are actually capable of making a decision. (I'm a bit phone-phobic.) So with all of that I decided to go ahead and pull the trigger and buy the new laptop.

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So... yay! New computer smell and all that.

The most frustrating thing is even though I didn't change any specs, the sale required I order a custom-built machine rather than one of their ready-to-ship models. So I shouldn't expect it until the first week of November. I can deal, though. In the meantime, please excuse any typos. This machine's keyboard is wearing a bit thin.


Also: TOR.n posted this pic of Sauron:

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How wrong is it that when I see this I can't help hearing "Call Me Maybe"?

Before you came into my life I missed you so bad
I missed you so bad, I missed you so, so bad.

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy...