October 11th, 2012


how two words changed everything (a review of Tim Kurek's "The Cross in the Closet")

What do you do if you're in your early twenties, living in Nashville, TN, a fundamentalist Christian, and hating the fact that you hate gays? Tim Kurek's answer was simple: come out of the closet. Even if you were never really in it.

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You can order the book through the publisher, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or (as they say) wherever else books are sold. Btw, Tim's made the eBook version dirt cheap ($3 on Amazon) to help people who like to buy both electronic and paper versions.

If it sounds like the kind of journey you'd be interested in reading more about, do give it a chance. I'm glad I did.

roger, roger

I know this will sound horribly clingy and all, but I need to ask, for my own peace of mind at least:

The last several posts I've made haven't received any comments. And since there's no sign of life from pepole, I'm having a bit of a panic attack. In the interest of nipping If people are just busy or burned out on the heavy, I'm not complaining. But since no one is commenting I'm having a sort of mini-panic attack. Everyone's okay, right? There's not some mysterious virus sweeping through everywhere but the greater NYC metro? Also, have I offended people or anything?

I get that people may be busy or traveling from the long weekend, or maybe they're just too long. This is really not me whinging for comments. I just want to make sure everything's fine with people.