September 29th, 2012


Aloe Blacc's "I Need a Dollar" + various things

Saturdays are made for good music, and this song is one of my favorites. Here's a studio version of "I Need a Dollar," where you can really hear the blues and jazz roots much more claearly than in the more polished version. Nice job.

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I can't quite pass up a political comment. On YouTube, they had this ad off to the side:

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and the song is probably most commonly known through a mobile phone ad where a guy asks how many jobs he needs to work to pay his phone bill. That's a thoroughly middle class concern. Not an unimportant one, to be sure, but not what this song is talking about. It's about a guy who's lost his job (through no fault of his own) and has fallen on hard enough times that he literally cannot meet his need. Dependency isn't great, but given the other possibilities - which is the real point behind this song, I think - dependency isn't so bad after all.

On a lighter note, I was listening to My Fair Lady and a YouTube search turned up "Why Can't the English Teach Their Children How to Speak." In German. Somehow that tickled me...

And on a personal note, I have bronchitis. On the plus side, I have an excuse to dink around on the internet, but this cough is making life "interesting." I think I passed hoarse about two days ago. :-S

in which Marta is one sick puppy (literally)

I thought I was finally feeling better from the head-cold-that-is-now bronchitis. The low grade fever has all but disappeared and I'm coughing less. Breathing is still a challenge, though not as much of one as before I got the inhaler yesterday. Every time I walked around even to the kitchen or the bathroom I felt dizzy, but I attributed that to basically sitting/lying in bed for the better part of three days.

Today's big excitement was going down to street level but not far, just to the laundromat to pick up some clothes my roommate had run down for me a few days ago. I also picked up medicine (Dayquil cough syrup rather than Nyquil this time, so hopefully I'll be a little less loopy) and stopped by the local Chinese shop for grilled chicken + white rice. Only my voice is still wonky - I no longer sound like a frog, but I am squeaking every third word. I guess they misheard me because they gave me this fried tofu crud with French Fries. Too rough to swallow even if it didn't taste like fried cardboard, so there's $6 wasted. I also picked up a pastry for my neighbor, asked for a chocolate eclair but they heard custard and gave me that.

I think this is better, but it still feels really icky. :-S