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September 16th, 2012

another day, another year

Here's wishing a happy new year to all my Jewish friends. May the coming year be sweet as honey.

By a lucky coincidence, today also marks the first day of Dawn Felagund's next trip around the sun. That strikes me as a good portend for the future. ;-) I already wished her a happy birthday over at FB, but I'll repeat it here.

DuBois quote

I stumbled across an interesting quote today:

The purpose of education is not to make men and women into doctors, lawyers and engineers; the purpose of education is to make doctors, lawyers and engineers into men and women.

--- W.E.B. DuBois

I'm curious whether people agree with this quote. Why or why not?

It's also probably worth asking what you think counts as education. Are there things you'd get out of taking my freshman philosophy course you wouldn't get by reading Plato and Aristotle on your own? (The cost of the books is truly dwarfed by tuition even at a state school.) What does this have to do with what we mean by education? Is the instructor crucial? Working alongside fellow students? The discussion and exercises, the feedback, the evaluation - what is it that makes a certain set of experiences an education?


the moral of the story

I've been reading through the Hunger Games books and am about halfway through the final book. I'm enjoying them for their own sake, definitely, but I'm also thinking how useful they would be as a way to structure philosophy courses. In fact, as I've been reading the books, I've been impressed how pretty much all the major theories and concepts we teach in the core ethics course (or at least, that I teach) could be illustrated with scenes from those books. So I thought I'd make a list of different scenes and how they illustrate the things I teach. I'm doing this for my records, but you're more than welcome to read and comment.

Do expect spoilers, both below the cut and in the comments...

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