February 11th, 2012


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I am entirely too young for my joints to be this creaky. Seriously.

Also, I have papers to grade. I am simultaneously drained and driven to get to work on them. It is a truly weir juxtaposition.

Mainly, I want to sleep in the worst way, but my body is refusing to go there at the moment. Such is my life. :-)

puppy pics

My sister and her hubby recently adopted a new dog. It's actually not a pound puppy but rather what would be a purebred if the mum was old enough to be certified. I want to say golden lab, but I may be wrong about that - I have no head for breeds.

Anyway, the pup is majorly cute and fuzzy. So here are some photos to brighten peoples' day. Originally posted by my brother-in-law over at FB. Given that I live several states up I'm nowhere to be seen - just as it should be.

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