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There are many things I can do, and do well. Apparently carrying bulky, heavy bed-frames isn’t one of them. Or even half a bed frame.

I got a new bed that looks pretty much like this:

… only it’s a twin bed rather than the full and it has a curved headboard that looks like the footboard only taller. (No white bars.) It’s a good solid bed but not so heavy it will be impossible to move. All important considerations for a grad student. Perhaps even more importantly, they delivered and set it up. Actually getting them here was a bit of a nightmare. But they put it together quickly and without me having to be the one to deal with it, and once I got it turned around it is the one shining aesthetic touch in my pig sty of a bedroom. Also much more comfortable than my old bed.

I started out with a wood-frame bed from Ikea, but at some point I broke it so it wouldn’t hold the mattress. I replaced that at some point with a basic metal frame which wasn’t very good and kept meaning to replace it but never got around to it. I’d held on to about half of the original wood frame because it gave me a rail to set things on. All of that meant that I had an L-shape piece of pressed wood, complete with a metal runner running along the inside to support the bed slats, as big as a twin bed. I also live four flights up in an apartment building, with no elevator and another flight down to the alley where the trash can is.

I decided trying to take it out late at night under the theory no one would be using the stairs so I could take my time. Problem was, I didn’t keep in mind that late at night everyone would be trying to sleep and the last thing they would want would be a large piece of wood clanging against the stairwell. Also, that the stairs down to the trash alley run right past the super’s young daughter’s bedroom. The last thing any of us needed was for me to wake her up at two in the morning. You have not lived until you’ve tried to carry a heavy, bulky object and had to do it quietly.

All of which gave me a massively sore back and calves that were having akind of minor muscle spasm. I’m not complaining, honestly – it’s already much better. But here it was 2:30 AM on a Friday night and I ducked into the corner bodega to pick up a sandwich, having to concentrate how I put my foot down and looking more than a bit tipsy. I hadn’t had a drink – in fact, I never have a drink, and the clerk had a good laugh at me. But in a good way, I think.

Now I haven’t slept in over forty-eight hours, but I’m not even tired. oo much adrenaline, or exhausted beyond sleep, or something. Weird how that seems to work out.

P.S. – The metal frame and the boxes the delivery men left are still here, but they’re much more manageable weight-wise.

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