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a day in the life

Various snippets from my life these days...

  1. I'm turning twenty-nine on Tuesday. I keep thinking I should feel old, only I don't. I was all excited about the Harry Potter movie, and then I realized it's the same weekend as a Winnie the Pooh movie, and I was seriously torn between where to spend my movie dollars. It's a good thing we're only as old as we feel, I guess!

  2. I can has new shoes! The FB crowd already saw this, but I have been complaining about my feet lately. I just started teaching summer school which means three hours on my feet at a go. The new shoes - Dr. Scholls men's dress shoes - felt like a dream on the walk home. Even up the stairs, which is usually a trial and a half.

  3. Being on your feet physically is one thing. Being on your feet mentally - as in, having to do the energy-intensive work of directing class discussion at the same time as motivating also-exhausted students for three hours on a stretch - is another thing entirely. I can't remember being so drained in a long, long time. At least since I started teaching - and, really, that's what I'm growing through. The pangs of adjusting to a different teaching mechanism. I'm really enjoying the experience, but boy is it tiring!

  4. Some texts are not made for the summer-school format. Or maybe they just aren't made to be taught by me. I'm thinking of a specific Plato excerpt that is usually on your standard Philosophy 101 syllabus - but whenever I try to teach it I get the feeling that I am begging my students to indulge me on this because this is one of those things they Just Need to Know to be a well-educated person, like how to calculate a derivative or the meaning of hamlet's "What a work of man" speech. Only it's not. When I read it, it is meaningful but also beautiful - Socrates's thoughts on light and truth often literally reduce me to tears. When I teach it, though? Not so much.

  5. Dropbox is cool, but I'm beginning to think that Google Documents with its new Cloud Connect feature is even cooler. Essentially you can upload a file to Google Docs from within Word or Excel, which can then be shared with anyone, or anyone with a google account. It even saves the file rather than converting it to a Google format. Much better version control than an online file-sharing tool like DropBox, too.

  6. I recently saw the TNG episode "Data's Day" for the first time. It has a wonderful mix of the earth-shattering and the personal that all felt very, very real. I loved it - up until the end. Because, Keiko's wedding dress? Blech and double blech.

    There are other things going on, but at the moment that's all that's really shareable.
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