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in honor of Kiwi marriage equality…

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It seems New Zealand passed a law today opening up marriage to LGBT couples. Good for them!

New Zealand is of course Middle-earth, and I feel driven to share something from Ardaverse that’s suitably irreverent when it comes to sexual norms. And Tehta’s story “The Son of Kings” quite naturally sprung jumped to mind.

Summary: Tolkien seems to have found figuring out Gil-Galad’s paternity particularly difficult. Who was Gil-Galad’s father, really? Was it Fingon? Finrod? Orodreth? (Which Orodreth?) Cirdan? It is an interesting question, and one this fic completely fails to answer. It does, however, answer the question of who his mother was. Anyway. Warning for, um, authorial self-insertion.

It’s rated adult for innuendo, and earns that rating, but if that doesn’t bother you it’s really and truly worth it. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard, certainly not in fandom.

As long as we’re making JRRT roll over in his grave, this picture deserves to be shared. If there was ever a canonical gay couple worth sharing, and it involved neither Boromir nor Theodred, this would be it.

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