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Forward Thinking blog round-up

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Over at Patheos, Libby Anne and Dan came up with another great Forward Thinking challenge:

What do you believe should be the purpose of marriage in our society today? What do you personally see as the purpose of marriage for your own life? And finally, what responsibilities, duties, and/or obligations do you believe marriage should entail?

I’ve been thinking quite a lot about marriage, particularly gay marriage, and while I’m still not entirely sure I’ve answered the challenge completely, I’ve had fun digging into this topic over the last few weeks. Here are some of the things I’ve written on sexuality and marriage related to this challenge.

  1. God Made Adam and Steve, Too: An alternate reading of the Biblical “clobber texts” on homosexuality.
  2. Why I’m Not Changing my FB pic this week: In trying to explain why I didn’t change my FB avatar to the red equals sign, I talked quite a bit on how dialogue with friends led me to change my view on gay marriage.
  3. On Equivocation (4/3): Why state-recognized gay marriage doesn’t change sacramental marriage. I
  4. By the Power Vested in Me (4/15): What role, if any, should the government play in granting marriage? Also, an answer to Ken Hagerty on why gay marriage doesn’t violate the First Amendment.

I want to do one more post on whether gender differences between men and women change things (basically, whether male/female couples are somehow better suited to marriage than male/male or female/female are). I’ll post a link if/when I get this written. I’ll also put a link to the round-up of posts when it’s available. ETA: Here it is! Check out the other posts on this theme.

Thanks, as always, to Libby Anne, Dan and everyone who participates in this challenge. It’s been a blast thinking deep thoughts on this topic.

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